I'll do everything I can to create a fun, relaxed, non-pressured environment for you and your family.
I encourage you to bring favorite blankets, toys, 2-3 clothing options, anything that's special and unique to you or your child.

Please take into consideration your childs most ideal time of day, when they will likely be most happy, well fed and rested. Clothing can be simple or as fun as you like, but please stay away from logos and characters. Try to keep it simple and classic. Comfort = Happy and that makes for a successful and meaningful photo session. If you are bringing out a special outfit that has not been worn in a while, bring another outfit for plan B. For family portraits, clothes in the same colour range work well rather than matching. Check out my Pinterest board on what to wear to your session.

Feel free to ask me specific design and clothing questions during your pre-session interview at the time of booking.

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