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Our lives are made of hope, struggle, faith, insecurity, and wonderment. A constant torrent of opposite and extremes. Years from now there is something more true and honest about the people we love we will want to remember. Capturing the smile, love and wanting your kids have for you, perfect chubby cheeks or your wonderfully funny & feisty kids are some of the things our time together is about. My photographs are about connection; they are about capturing the real that represent your child, yourself and your family.

I hope you feel that there are moments in your life that are true works of art that need the attention and dignity of a fine print framed well. Something for you to ponder on as your days move quickly, time passes and you need a refresher of family, love, faith and connection. My goal is to leave you with a work of art that will flood you with the very essence and specialness of you.

I know, its been a while! You don’t have to tell me!! Most of you know the crazy schedule I keep but friends and clients who I haven’t seen in a while who have visited the blog, ask if I am still working in photography. Really, its a fair question when clearly I have not blogged since January. Its goes something like this…..while running my own photography business, I also worked for Horvath Photography, I’m also a mom, wife, pet owner, homework consultant, chef, carpooler and errand runner. You get the idea. Not a news breaking story. Something had to give and it was the blog and maybe a bit of my inner peace! So after much thought of where I want to see my life and family in the near and distant future, I’ve made some life changes that I am pretty excited about. I have left Horvath Photography to work on my photography business full time while assisting my husband in his fabulous new business IQ Automation + Design – Smart Solutions For Smart Homes!! Yep, that’s right, total home automation, home theatres, audio video distribution, networking, the list goes on so check out the site. I know you need to get rid of the 15 remotes in your family room, hear your favourite tunes sounding great in every room in the house and properly network your media and information systems. So what are you waiting for ? Don’t call us a week before the holidays because so is everyone else!! Check out the site and call us now!!

Back to photographing some of the most wonderful people you ever want to meet. Here are some of my favourite images from the fist newborn session of the year done back in January. This was the second session I’ve done with this family. The first was a couple of years ago to welcome baby #1 and this session welcomed baby #2 into the family. The wall gallery is going to look amazing!! While I think of it, if you are looking to create a family wall in your family room, hallway or anywhere else that speaks to you, give me a ring. Decorating your home with your portraits can be done in so many creative and exciting ways. Check out my Pinterest board Photo Walls and you will be inspired!

Toronto Family Photographer

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As always, I’m too involved in the juggling act that is photography and my life to blog and write about it so this a bit late. This wedding was is Orillia on what should have been the perfect October fall day but turned out to have hurricane like weather. It was a challenge but Alexis MacDonald, my friend and second shooter, was remarkably strong holding up an oversized umbrella for me to shoot outdoors in such gusty winds, even Dorothy would have been proud!!

I just love the intimacy of a small wedding. By the time the engagement session is complete and the wedding into full swing we are so familiar with family and friends that we able to capture some of the greatest moments ever.

Orillia Wedding

Ricki Horowitz Photography - Bride Portrait

Ricki Horowitz Photography - Bride During Ceremony

Ricki Horowitz Photography Bride Kissing Groom

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Perhaps  you love to do a professional photo session to record each year in your child’s life or like me you needed an alternative to the school photos you don’t really like but feel quilted into buying.  The concept came from sheer necessity and the bravery to not write that check for yet another year of disappointing school photos. Naturally I knew that I was playing with some of the most dangerous stuff out there – a mothers quilt. But really – the photographer didn’t notice my son was wearing soccer goggles and looked like David Bowie tripped out circa 1972?? Or what abut the year he was put in front of a “natural outdoor romantic backdrop” but had what appeared like a stone railing going in one ear and out the other?? Seriously?? My girl, well, it doesn’t get much better. If you know her, well, most say she’s a pretty darn cute kid. Last year I didn’t even recognize her!! The image was so distorted I wondered if the photographer knew the difference between a 10mm and a 85 mm. Just so you know, you really don’t want to shoot a portrait with a wide angle lens. Think kid looking into a fish bowl. Get the picture?? And finally …how many times did you say to yourself, upon seeing those school images blown up…”What the ????… how is it that my lovely child who went off to school on picture day so clean and neat, suddenly at picture time had a mountain of boogers and wacky  hair??? Well mom, this time you will be there, kleenex in one hand and brush in the other for any sudden appearance tornados!!!

Last year I took my own photos and bought the class photo only.  It was a real shocker… I surprised myself because instead of guilt I felt liberation!!

In honor of the glorious feeling of freedom from the “school photographer”, I’m holding a {Back 2 School Mini Session} event on

Sunday, September 11th, 2011 in  Thornhill Woods

Bring your little ones to get their photograph taken outdoors and document the beginning of their school year in a different, more natural setting! Each session will be 20 minutes, starting at 4:00 pm and going until approximately 7:00 pm.

This session is perfect for individual kids or sets of siblings.  This session is not intended for family photos, newborns, graduating seniors or individuals who want multiple clothing and/or location changes (contact me to schedule a standard 1 hr session in these situations).  After the event, 10-15  images from each individual session will be uploaded to an online proofing gallery for you to select the pose for your package. Please allow at least 3 weeks for editing.

My packages for this event are heavily discounted from regular session fees and print prices so that you have the opportunity to have a beautiful, quality portrait at prices similar to what you’d pay a school photographer. 
Each package will be created from ONE (1) of the poses you pick from your gallery. If more than one child is being photographed, choose TWO(2) packages. If you would also like to have your siblings photographed together book a second mini session, and order a third package . (unless you want them photographed together only).

What to wear?

Select clothing that’s colourful, vibrant and fun! Choose colors that are deep, rich and intense! Use patterns, textures and layers to add visual interest. Textured fabrics, such as denim, cable knits, linen, and corduroy, photograph beautifully.   For fun clothing ideas for boys think golf shirts, jeans or linen pants, cute hats and button up shirts. For girls, think wispy dresses or jeans. Or just come in whatever makes your kid happy! Most importantly, we want everyone to be casual and comfortable.

Available Time Slots:

4:oo pm – booked

4:30 pm

5:00 pm

5:30 pm

6:00 pm

6:30 pm

Reserve your spot now, there are only 6 mini session available!

Print Packages

A: $40 2-5×7, 3-3×5, 8 Wallets

B: $50 1-8×10, 2-5×7, 8 Wallets

C: $65 1-8×10, 4-5×7, 16 Wallets

D: $110 1-10×13, 2-8×10, 4-5×7, 16 Wallets

Digital Packages

Each package will include a number of retouched, fully finished images on disc in colour, b&W and low-res watermarked versions for social media sites . Please note the higher cost of these packages is due to the fact that you are able to print multiple copies with copyright permission. May be used for one child or siblings! Create cards or send copies to family members!

Packages are as follows:

E: $185 TWO retouched digital images with copyright permission

F: $260 THREE retouched digital images with copyright permission

G: $400 FIVE retouched digital images with copyright permission

** A $20 retainer is required to reserve your session.

**No substitutions on packages.

**Additional prints (of the same image) from the portrait price list are 20% off with a package purchase.

**Tax is not included in these prices.

Email me at ricki@rickihorowitz.com and  please let me know the number of children and if they are a boy or girl. I will send you additional information about the session and my mini session contract once you sign up for a time slot.  In case of inclement weather, sessions will be cancelled and rescheduled. Individual sessions cannot be rescheduled. If you have any questions about weather the day of your session, please call me at 647.401.1742

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Why am I posting this almost 2 years after Irene’s party?? For one thing, I’m on a birthday party blog blitz this week. I just finished production on a 45th Birthday Celebration, and finally got the time to post “J’s” 1st Birthday party from May. I also did not have a platform to share my work back then , but mostly, truly, I  love …love …love this slide show!!!  The kids were so involved with the art work,  held at Klim Art School in Thornhill, that I had total freedom to roam around and capture the true nature of what they were expressing through art, without them feeling or acting self conscious. Kilm reminds me of the art classes and camp I went to at the YMCA at Baview & Sheppard in the 70’s when the building was a old weathered farm house that was totally engulfed in paint, clay, paper mache and candle making wax. Thanks for making such a great and memorable party Dee, it was a good year and a good age. Enjoy!

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There is just something so wonderful about 1st birthdays. Mom & Dad take such loving care on details that trust me, you never ever do again. Well…maybe the wedding!! ; )
Enjoy this sweet little’s ones 1st Birthday . She handled the long afternoon like a trooper!
xoxo little J

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This family, from immediate to extended, knows how to love, laugh and live. I truly aspire to give my children what this mom and dad have clearly made a priority to give theirs. Dad’s slide show of B’s life actually made me cry. Not shed a tear… I mean cry. You can tell that this mom and dad don’t just parent their children, they enjoy them and want to live life to the fullest with them. Enjoy!

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I have started shooting Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s a lot in the last year and I am not kidding when I say that Magen Boys Entertainment is everywhere!! With kids who started Hebrew school this year and who are in pre-comp hip hop – this video makes this mom crack up!!! OY!

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Meet Joey. Although he and his family are very old friends and we had just done a pizza night the year before, I was not prepared. Joey changes at lightning speeds. Joey walks softly and carries a big stick. Watch out James Cameron, mover over George Lucas. Joey is here. Seriously.

Joey's Bar Mitzvah, Thornhill Toronto Mitzvah Photographer

Joey's Bar Mitzvah, Thornhill Mitzvah Photographer

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In early December 2010 I had the pleasure of photographing this very charming young mans Bar Mitzvah. Congratulations Benji for doing such a great job!! The  deep joy and pride of your family was brimming over as they watched your every move and held a sparkle in their eyes that said I’ve known you as a wonderful child who grew to be a wonderful boy and you will become a man we will continue to be proud of.  The service was in the chapel of  the Beth Tikvah synagogue on a Sunday morning and I had the opportunity to take photos during the service which usually doesn’t happen if it were in the main hall. We lost more than half of the scheduled portrait session because the security guard didn’t show up before the service but I think we got wonderful family pictures because of this good natured and easygoing family.  I have say that I was really impressed with the photographic opportunities of the chapel. The room was small and intimate, the stained glass windows colorful but not overly busy and the room was infused with beautiful natural light bringing the woodwork to life.

Here are some images from Benji’s day.

Benji's Bar Mitzvah, Beth Tikvah, Toronto, Thornhill Photographer

Benji's Bar Mitzvah, Beth Tikvah, Thornhill, Photographer

Benji's Bar Mitzvah, Beth Tikvah, Thornhill Photographer

Benji's Bar Mitzvah, Beth Tikvah

Benji's Bar Mitzvah, Beth Tikvah, Toronto, Thornhill Photographer

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Last Sunday I had an absolute treat & thrill photographing and hanging with the families at the Starlight Children’s Foundation Holiday Party.  I have never seen so many children excited and entertained on this level. I overheard a boy telling the woman who was spray painting his arm that he looked forward to this day all year and its the best day of his life!!!  The spread of joy was double as the parents watched their families laughing, screaming and literally jumping with joy during the various shows dances and activities happening throughout the day.

Once again a HUGE thanks to Kristina Laukkanen of Sugartree Photography for including me and the talented Jennifer Fudge of  Fotojennics to photograph these wonderful children and families during this soul satisfying afternoon !!

Starlight Children's Foundation Holiday Party

Starlight Children's Foundation Holiday Party

Starlight Children's Foundation Holiday Party

Starlight Children's Foundation Holiday Party

Starlight Children's Foundation Holiday Party

Starlight Children's Foundation Holiday Party

Children's Starlight Foundation Holiday Party

Starlight Children's Foundation Holiday Party

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